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Via della Grammatica

  Via della Grammatica
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Учебник по грамматике итальянского языка Via della Grammatica A1-B2Via della Grammatica. Рівень A1-B2, книга по грамматике итальянского языка Via della Grammatica A1-B2учебник по итальянской грамматике Via della Grammatica A1-B2тетрадь по итальянской грамматике Via della Grammatica A1-B2, итальянская грамматика Via della Grammatica A1-B2, автор Mina Ricci, итальянская книга по грамматике Via della Grammatica A1-B2, издательство Edilingua.

  • Esercizi interattivi e altre risorse sulla prima plattaforma per l'italiano

Mina Ricci.
Theory, tests and authentic material for foreigners. Elementary - intermediate (A1-B2)


Via della Grammatica is a modern Italian grammar in full color, spread over 40 units, each dealing with one or more grammatical phenomena followed by stimulating and motivating activities as well as review tests every 5 units. 

The morphosyntactic structures are presented through clear and brief tables which refer to the common and practical use of the grammar rules. 

Vocabulary is introduced gradually and reflects the current use of Italian language; the new semantic groups are presented jointly with their visual image. 

The authentic texts on various cultural and literal aspects present in the volume, give the students the possibility to enrich and deepen their knowledge of Italian society, history and culture. 

The keys at the back of the book make it also suitable for self-learning. 

The book contains a personal code that gives access to the digital version of the exercises (in total 384) and to innovative study tools, on the i-d-e-e platform.

Via della Grammatica largely covers the elementary and intermediate level of the Common European Frame of Reference for Languages. The grammar phenomena treated in the volume are multiple, notably: names, articles, adjectives, pronouns (personal, demonstrative, possessive, direct, indirect, relative, combined, indefinite, interrogative), ci and ne, prepositions, present, reflexive, impersonal form, present perfect, imperfect, future, past tense, past perfect, conditional, imperative, subjunctive, correlation, infinite, gerund, participle, passive form, direct-indirect speech.

Via della grammatica, a differenza di altre grammatiche per stranieri, presenta i fenomeni grammaticali e allo stesso tempo la cultura italiana. Ciò accresce l’interesse e la motivazione durante la lezione di grammatica... e tutti sappiamo quanto sia importante!

All the exercises in interactive form, together with other tools and resources, can be found on i-d-e-e, the first educational platform for students and teachers.

Производитель   Edilingua
Страна производитель Италия
Изучение языка Итальянский
Вид переплета Мягкий
Тип поверхности бумаги Глянцевая
Язык издания Итальянский
ISBN 9789606930478
Состояние Новое
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