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Senza frontiere 1 + audio CD. Учебник + рабочая тетрадь + Audio CD

  Senza frontiere 1 + audio CD. Учебник + рабочая тетрадь + Audio CD
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Учебник и рабочая тетрадь итальянского языка с аудио диском Senza frontiere 1. A1Senza frontiere 1. A1. + audio CDучебник и рабочая тетрадь по итальянскому языку с аудио диском Senza frontiere 1. A1, итальянская книга и рабочая тетрадь с аудио диском Senza frontiere 1. A1, авторы Patrizia Flammini. Tania Pasqualini, книга и рабочая тетрадь на итальянском языке с аудио диском Senza frontiere 1. A1издательство Edilingua.

  • Corso d'italiano come seconda lingua (курс итальянского языка для людей, изучающих итальянский как иностранный язык)


Senza frontiere is a two-volume Italian course book for adult immigrants and foreigners working and living in Italy. It covers levels A1-A2 of the Common European Framework and it has been designed to be used in a group class taught by a teacher.

The first volume of Senza frontiere 1, covers the A1 level and includes the following:

- Student's Book 
- Workbook
- Audio-CD (attached)

The Avvio all'alfabetizzazione booklet, that completes the volume Senza frontiere 1, is sold separately. Click here to browse some pages. 
The course is aimed at students who can read and write in their mother-tongue. All materials and topics have been carefully selected to be motivating, authentic and deeply related to the students’ reality. Senza frontiere 1 aims at teaching the “know-how” usage of the language: enlisting in a course by filling a form, finding directions in an office building by following signaling and instructions found in forms, and so forward.

Senza frontiere also contains useful images to introduce vocabulary, contextualize topics and develop various exercise typologies.

Click here to browse and/or print the first two units of the book.

The Student’s book offers a clear and well-defined structure in accordance with the cohesion and consistency of the aspects related to vocabulary, communication and grammar. It is organized in three modules (Communicating, Everyday Life, Rights and Obligations) each of them consisting of four units covering personal, professional, educational and public aspects. Each of those twelve units is divided into two lessons. At the end of the book, a final test of A1 level evaluates the actual progress.

A unit is organized as follows:

  • Vocabulary introduction page, including key-words used throughout the unit. Vocabulary is accompanied by stimulative images and exercises allowing to verify comprehension;

  • Lessons A and B focused on developing the four language skills: listening, reading, speaking, writing;

  • Self-evaluation page to raise awareness of the progress achieved

The Workbook contains exercises corresponding to each unit of the Student’s book. The students consolidate what they have learned during the lesson through: exercises of vocabulary consolidation and revision; communicational skills strengthening activities, reading and writing tasks and grammar exercises: each grammar element is presented separately so that students can focus all their attention one phenomenon at a time.

The booklet Avvio all’alfabetizzazione is an introduction to literacy; it is dedicated to illiterate students who cannot read or write in their mother-tongue. Nevertheless, it can be used as a complete phonologic revision tool for the whole class, especially in cases of poorly literate students. The words in this booklet have been carefully chosen among those used frequently when communicating. The volume is divided into five parts: the alphabet, the sounds, the numbers and the arithmetic operations, the signs, and a self-evaluation.


The Senza frontiere 1 also include:

  • an Audio-CD, attached to the book, including all dialogues and listening activities of the student’s book (available in the section resources for teachers and schools).

  • the booklet Avvio all’alfabetizzazione with another Audio-CD including numerous activities and exercises to practice pronunciation.

  • The Teacher’s Guide (soon available also online), with tips on how to organize the course and information about the Italian culture and civilization.

  • Multilingual glossary (Albanian, Arabian, Chinese, French, English, Rumanian) per unit for both the Student’s Book and the Workbook.

Производитель   Edilingua
Страна производитель Италия
Изучение языка Итальянский
Вид переплета Мягкий
Тип поверхности бумаги Глянцевая
Язык издания Итальянский
ISBN 9788899358037
Состояние Новое
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